'Emerging Trends in the Current Apprenticeship Ecosystem'

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  • 29 September, 2021

TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship recently launched the Apprenticeship Outlook Report (AOR) for the period July to December 2021. The report delivers hard facts about the hiring trends of apprentices across different industries and sectors across small, medium, and large enterprises. The report also talks about gender diversity with respect to hiring apprentices across different job roles and the challenges faced by the establishments in the hiring process.

To have a discussion on the apprenticeship outlook with the industry doyens, TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship organized a webinar on the 24th of September as a part of its apprenticeship dialogue series. The event was hosted with a panel of three stalwarts, Nathaniel Manickam - Director HR, Vishay, Intertechnology Inc, Devaprasad H S - President Commercial & CFO, Proline, Ajay Nath - Head HR, Vijaya Diagnostic who shared their insights on the 'Emerging Trends in the Current Apprenticeship Ecosystem' and Dhriti Prasanna Mahanta, General Manager, NETAP, moderated the webinar. 

The discussion started with the current hiring trends, and how the hiring trends are going to look for the next six months with respect to each industry in different job roles where apprentices were hired. Gender diversity in their respective industries. And how they have been able to implement the apprenticeship act with all compliances taking the apprenticeship act with all the amendments. 

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Devaprasad H S - President Commercial & CFO, Proline, shared his plan of hiring 50-200 apprentices in the coming six months, for both metros and non-metros cities. The retail industry requires good manpower to function smoothly. Training apprentices and letting them manage counters at the same time will permit the organization to open more stores and counters. A total of 5-10% of the Proline workforce is expected to be the result of apprenticeship. The organization keeps open opportunities for the hiring of apprentices irrespective of gender. Mr. Prasad said, his main focus is to provide a platform for whoever wants to learn and grow. The training session that the organization provides is the skills set of merchandising activities, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and leadership. Also, the freedom to study while working helps the trainees to graduate and complete their certifications. After the completion of the training period, they are given job training certification, which helps them to get placed anywhere in the market. 

Nathaniel Manickam - Director HR, Vishay, Intertechnology Inc, is the world's largest semiconductor and competent manufacturing unit. Due to the pandemic, everybody is hooked on electronic goods resulting in an increase in demand. Therefore, hiring up to 10-15% of an additional workforce is the target of his organization. Out of which, 8% is going to be the flexible workforce as apprentices. As they struggle to get the right manpower, they reach out to small cities and towns to get the people with the right attitude and aptitude. Speaking in favor of the apprenticeship model and calling it a worldwide phenomenon, he suggested the idea of involvement from the government. To encourage students to take up apprenticeships, it should be a mandatory requirement for full-time employment. Linking higher education with work, with the concept of learning while learning can help our nation build a stronger economic foundation. 

Ajay Nath - Head HR, Vijaya Diagnostic, being in the healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth since the outbreak of the pandemic. As a part of their expansion plan for the next three years, they are expected to add at least 160 diagnostic centers in different parts of the country. They are expecting to hire 18-20% of the workforce in the coming six months. In the last 14 months, Vijay Diagnostic has hired around 700 employees, out of which 65% are female. Apprentices are taken into the organization on the basis of some kind of educational background (required in the medical field). They are groomed, trained and only when they impress with their performance, are moved to the floor. The Healthcare sector needs quality in terms of manpower. Providing a platform that is keen to acquire knowledge and are ready to face challenges makes a worthy employee in the healthcare sector. 

In the end, Dhriti Prasanna Mahanta, General Manager, NETAP, concluded the seminar with a few questions from the attendees regarding the apprenticeship act and its implementation, wages in the apprenticeship model, and apprentices hiring in customer care. He also thanked the speakers as well as the attendees for their time and knowledge. 

You can watch the whole webinar on  Youtube channel. And drop your questions in the comments section. Our team will be happy to answer. 

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