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Apprenticeship programs are
structured training initiatives
designed to bridge the gap
between education and
employment. These programs offer
businesses a dynamic avenue for
talent development and skill
Businesses have the opportunity to
train and develop candidates within
the company's specific processes &
culture and have the advantage of
reducing cost-to-hire and
enhancing quality-of-hire.
The Government of India has taken several initiatives including the amendments to the Apprenticeship Act 1961 to make skilling programs such as apprenticeships more industry-friendly. industry-friendly.

The 3-fold Benefits of Hiring Apprentices

Return on Investment

Being Compliant

Social Benefits

ROI on Apprenticeship Programs

over a 24 month horizon

Improved retention by 25%
Reduced hiring cost by 50%
Enhanced business productivity
3X Returns on learning investment
Quality human capital
What’s the role of a Third-party Aggregator (TPA) like TeamLease?
As a TPA, TeamLease will support employers to execute apprenticeships end-to-end. On boarding, Registration of candidates and employers in the portal, Portal management on day to day basis, Value added services like payroll register management & mobilising/ hiring of apprentices, Provide basic training, Coordinate for assessment and certification, Process claims, Coordination with the concerned bodies in case of any concerns, etc.
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Over 98% of our apprentices seamlessly transition into formal employment,
with a remarkable 40% employed within the same organisation
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Apprenticeship program is a structured training initiative where businesses develop talent in-house rather than hiring external resources. Individuals gain practical work experience & skills under the guidance of experienced mentors in a real work environment.
Hiring apprentices can help businesses tap into fresh talent, reduce skill gaps and contribute to workforce development while benefiting from potential cost savings. A Premium Job is one where the hiring/recruitment happens exclusively through Freshersworld.com. Premium jobs are categorised based on the Company, Designation, Job role and Salary offered.
All industries can benefit from apprenticeships, including manufacturing, IT, healthcare, hospitality and more. Apprentices can be employed in both technical and non-technical roles.
Apprenticeship programs can enhance your workforce with skilled talent, improve productivity, foster loyalty, and contribute to a positive brand image.
The duration of apprenticeship programs can vary, typically ranging from 6 months to 3 years, depending on the industry and trade.
In accordance with the Apprenticeship Act of 1961, businesses employing over 39 individuals are required to participate in apprenticeship engagement. NEP 2020 also underscores the significance of apprenticeships in offering students hands-on experience & exposure to industries.
Any organisation which has 4 employees can keep apprentices. However it is optional. But any organisation which appoints 30 or more employees, it is mandatory to appoint apprentices. Min quota is 2.5% of total workforce (on roll and contract employees), maximum is 15%.
In case an organisation exhausts their 15% quota, they can borrow up to 3% from us (the facilitator)
Yes, businesses often have the option to hire apprentices as permanent employees upon successful completion of their apprenticeship.
Government agencies and industry bodies provide guidance, frameworks and resources to support businesses in implementing successful apprenticeship programs.
We facilitate apprenticeships under NAPS (National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme) and NATS (National Apprenticeship Training Scheme). We do apprenticeships in all trades (industries) and job roles.
Being vocational in nature, stipends paid under CSR are eligible for CSR spends, subject to certain T&Cs. Our SMEs can guide you through the details.