Recent media coverage

The semiconductor industry is poised to create nearly a million job opportunities in the next four to five years. However, there is expected to be a significant shortfall of 250,000 to 300,000 skilled positions by 2027.</p> In an interview with TimesTech Buzz, our Chief Strategy Officer Sumit Kumar highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts between companies and Sector Skill Councils to implement impactful programs for skill development, upskilling, and reskilling within the industry. Sumit stressed the need for employers to explore diverse initiatives such as degree apprenticeships, training programs for enhancing skills in chip design and manufacturing, and certification programs to validate professionals&#39; expertise, aiming to build a larger pool of skilled individuals.

The travel and tourism sector in India is experiencing a surge in hiring. Our Vice President and Business Head Dhriti Prasanna Mahanta told The Economic Times that&nbsp;leadership roles are becoming available in sales, marketing, technology, food and beverage, customer service and supply chain. <p>He also noted the upcming demand for key tech skills such as AI specialists and cybersecurity, given the growing adoption of AI and automation.</p>


04 December, 2022