1 Background Information
2 Assess your skill initiatives

Self Assessment Questionnaire for Skill initiatives of Organization

1 Background Information
2 Assess your skill initiatives
Welcome to the Self-Assessment Quiz!

The questionnaire below is designed to help organizations assess their skill strategies and in initiating a comprehensive plan for the future skill-development program for the organization.

At the end of the assessment, you'll be able to evaluate where your organization stands with respect to optimizing your skill strategy, based on the overall score.

Let's Begin…

* 6. How many people work in your organization?
* 7. Would you say that your organization is currently working
* 8. Are you having apprentices/degree apprentices in your organization?
* 10. What are the key skills and qualities you will be looking for from your employees? (Please tick what you consider to be the five most important skills you would want to extend to your employees)

1. Did you assess the skill gap in your organization before considering any skill training?
2. In general would you say that skills available are well matched to the needs of your organization?
3. What kind of upskilling/reskilling program are you looking at?
4. What are the learning programs/resources you are willing to invest in?
5. How long are these programs?
6. Which skills will become more important to your workplace?
7. How do your employees receive skill training?
8. Who created training material for skilling initiatives?
9. Did you assign any courses to your employees?
10. Did you sponsor their upskilling/reskilling initiatives?
11. What kind of employee upskilling/reskilling tools you used?
12. What is your expectation from upskilling/reskilling programs?
* All questions are mandatory