A Teachers’ day tribute to all our mentors and trainers - the unsung heroes.

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  • 05 September, 2021

A mentor or trainer plays an indispensable role in the apprentice’s journey from start to end. Undertaking an apprenticeship is a huge responsibility and an opportunity for skills development for both the apprentice and the employer. Most organizations believe that apprentices make a significant contribution to the workplace, an important aspect of the future of the company.  And for apprentices, having a member of staff within the organization who is present to support them at every step – the workplace mentor – is invaluable.


Roles and responsibilities of a mentor

Apprentices are generally from high school or undergraduates, who moved to the workplace right after their studies. From a protective environment of traditional education, they step into the world of the workplace. Everything is a new experience for them. They face a demanding schedule of skills development training which can include learning on the job, online seminars, classroom learning, regular assessments, and a lot more activities. To help them get through all of these, they have their mentors who assist apprentices in every step with all the aspects of their development.  Mentors and trainers make sure to seamlessly carry out the learning process and guide their mentees in navigating the world of work. 

The role of a mentor does not only involve being a line manager, getting involved in disciplinary issues, or taking theory classes. What it actually involves is coaching and teaching them practical soft skills and experience that they have learned over the years.  Mentors guide apprentices to develop a significant approach to work, including building connections, teamwork, the value of time, honesty, and remaining well-mannered and professional. Also, making them comfortable with the company’s environment and how to solve problems with the help of management.

Multiple mentors work for apprentices by providing them insights into ideas, thoughts, and work values throughout the apprenticeship program. Mentors and trainers are no less than teachers, who shape the minds of the apprentices with several activities. An apprentice joins an organization as a raw talent and leaves the premises as a professional person, all under the right guidance of their mentors.  

Support for mentors

TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship recognizes and appreciates the role of mentors. They are an integral part of the apprenticeship programs.  To help this go as smoothly as possible TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship provides robust support to mentors and thanks to them for their selfless hard work in building up the future of a skilled workforce for our country.

The role of the mentor is as critical as a teacher in our lives.  They are handpicked by their employers because of their own skills and professionalism. They are serving their purpose bypassing these qualities on to the next generation of employees. Hats off to their dedication and sincerity. 

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