Degree Apprenticeship Works. Here’s the data.

As part of the initiative to make degree apprenticeships mainstream, one of the efforts TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship invests in is to educate everyone about why organizations should adopt apprenticeships. Keeping this in mind, TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship brought out a detailed whitepaper about the ROI on Apprenticeships in 2020.

The 2020 whitepaper talked about how apprenticeship has progressed in other countries like Europe, the US, and Australia, and how India, though behind, is on its way to achieving similar successes.

But the second edition of the ROI whitepaper in 2021 makes a stronger point about how degree apprenticeship can help an organization at different levels and play a pivotal role in changing the working environment of an organization in terms of productivity, and attrition rate, and employee retention.

In this whitepaper, we bring you 8 progressive organizations that believe in the mission of apprenticeship and have benefited tremendously from it. Organizations featured in this whitepaper are

1. Mahindra Finance

2. Lotus Herbals

3. Genpact

4. Schindler India

5. Proline

6. Ginger Hotel

7. SKF

8. Vikas Group

Here you will find how these mentioned organizations have overcome different challenges to make the apprenticeship programs their own and made them succeed. Furthermore, to understand the benefit analysis of apprenticeship, the whitepaper also covers

1. Measuring costs and benefits of programs

2. Apprenticeship linked productivity enhancement model

3. Cost-benefit model

Read the whitepaper to get detailed information on the other factors related to an apprenticeship.

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