Building the pipeline of the future

For a long, apprenticeships have remained on the fringe of hiring for large and mid-sized organizations. However, things are changing for the better as more and more organizations are waking up to the benefits of apprenticeships.

As pioneers in the apprenticeship space, TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship is committed to bringing substantial value to organizations that adopt apprenticeships. Hence, this whitepaper puts together the experience of several organizations into one collective knowledge base.

The research paper describes the model of arriving at a return on investment (ROI) through apprenticeships which can help organizations to overcome the labor market problems related to availability, cost, and retention of talent.

The model highlights that a well-engineered apprenticeships model can help organizations to achieve the following outcomes:

1. Realtime talent availability

2. Reduction in hiring costs by 50%.

3. Improving talent engagement for 25%

4. Improving productivity by 25%

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