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Most companies today are driven by innovations, new products, and new ways of marketing. And they need a workforce that is productive, well trained and has knowledge available at their fingertips. 

A corporate university can facilitate this through various online and offline platforms. There has to be a very structured way of developing Human Capital and the starting point for this would, of course, be within the enterprise. 

An HR team, with support from a corporate university, would need to initiate an assessment of knowledge and skills gaps at both organization and individual level. Identification of the required training programs that its workforce would need to complete to meet their corporate objectives is the next crucial step. 

Life-long skilling, certification-linked promotions should become part of the DNA of an enterprise because there is no getting away from the fact that the market is becoming competitive and technology and disruption is not going to go away.

This report covers: 

     1. Workplace Learning, Corporate Universities: Then and Now

     2. Genesis of Corporate Universities

     3. The Indian Context and challenges

     4. Recent Trends, Development, and Their Impact 

     5. A Vision for Corporate University

     6. Defining Corporate University

     7. A Culture of Lifelong Learning, Collaboration and Excellence

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