TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship brings to you the all-new Apprenticeship Stipend Primer, with data that reflects the post-pandemic reality. 

 The Primer throws light on the state of degree apprenticeships as expressed by the labor market stakeholders.   

 Some of the key insights from the Primer are, 

  1. The pandemic didn’t mean that all industry sectors cut back on the stipends – in fact, a few industries like Manufacturing and Service paid more in 2020

  2. Some cities (e.g., Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad) suffered the impact of COVID much more than other cities

  3. Software Developer, Chemist and Design Engineer – the highest paid roles

 There are 50+ data points that will give you a ring side view of the apprenticeships in India. To get your full copy of The Apprenticeship Stipend Primer report, fill up the details in the form, and send it to us.

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