TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship and Market Stipends | Stipend Analysis | Supply Dynamics

The report arms labour market stakeholders with the right data points and key insights to prepare a high-employability workforce. This report is the first edition in this work in progress.

Key Insights

  1. Market stipends (as per Apprentice Act) are 23% higher for Technical graduates than for non Technical apprentices; 

  2. OEES stipends are higher for Technical graduates in 6 of the 9 cities covered by the study. 

  3. Qualification Matters- Postgraduates and Engineering Graduates gets better paid across sectors as per both OEES and the market (as per Apprentice Act). 

  4. Postgraduates and Engineers are paid 20% higher in the Manufacturing sector and 2% higher in the Services sector.

  5. A trend that is truly against the norms: Diploma-holder apprentices are paid 2.5 times higher than minimum wages – in Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.

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