“There are an estimated 128 million skilled workers required between 2017-2022 across 34 industry sectors.” 

A paltry 4-5 percent of the Indian workforce has ever received any skills training. A whopping 80 percent of new job seekers do not have access to appropriate opportunities for skill-building. Exactly the reason apprenticeship as a practice assumes added significance.

This is why TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship and Team Lease Skills University bring to you a cutting-edge insightful report. The Apprenticeship Outlook and Index (2019) gives a 360-degree sweep of the current apprenticeship landscape with data-backed analysis of key facts, trends, and forecasts. The study covers 502 employers across 12 major sectors and four regions (South, North, East, and West). 

Who Is the Report For? This report is very useful for HR Leaders, Talent Acquisition and HR Managers and Small to Medium Business Owners. 

What does the report cover? The report shines the spotlight on 

  1. Current hiring levels of apprentices
  2. Forecasts employer sentiment on apprentice hiring
  3. Impact of amendments to the Apprentices Act 1961
  4. Data specific to sectors and geographic regions
  5. Skill sets that are companies are looking for in apprentices
  6. Growth drivers of apprenticeships and much more

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