The Indian Automotive Industry, worth a staggering $100 billion, is facing a pressing challenge - attracting and retaining skilled blue-collar workers. About 88% of automotive companies are grappling with severe talent shortage, a challenge that is only intensified by the introduction of advanced technologies.


The shortage of skilled manpower was hampering the daily operations and threatening the long-term growth of our client, an automotive manufacturer with a turnover of ₹7500 crores.


This case study explains how our tailored apprenticeship program addressed their challenges and helped the client in establishing a robust talent pipeline.


Key Takeaways

- A tailored training program was designed to provide apprentices with practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

- The apprenticeship program stands as evidence of the significant value in building a sustainable talent pipeline.

- Recognizing the benefits, our client has now allocated 23% of their workforce to apprenticeships.

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