The Importance of Embracing Digital Solutions in HR: Insights from Industry Experts

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  • 28 March, 2023

Digital metamorphosis has transformed the fabric of businesses, leaving no area untouched, and HR is no different. To compete in a fast-evolving environment, HR professionals must accept digital solutions for hiring, talent management, and employee engagement. The wide-ranging influence of digital transformation is reshaping the business landscape, affecting everything from customer engagement to employee experience.

Digital HR solutions have assumed a crucial role in recent years  and several companies are investing in HR digitization. Such investments are driven by several factors, including cost reductions, augmented efficacy and heightened employee engagement. One of the prime benefits of digital HR solutions is the streamlining of HR processes through automation. This includes automating functions such as recruitment, onboarding, and employee record-keeping. Automation not only conserves time but also diminishes errors, rendering HR processes more accurate and efficient.

In a discussion held by Teamlease Degree Apprenticeship, Abhishek Jha, Vice President & Head, Human Resources at Writer Information pointed out that digital solutions and AI are going to take over a lot of HR tasks. HR professionals need to quickly re-strategize and keep up with these changes or they risk being left behind. The future of HR metrics is shifting away from traditional metrics to business goals and metrics translated into various forms.

In the discussion, Karthik SM, the Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Biocon Biologics said that recruiting is one area where digital solutions have a significant impact. Intelligent recruitment automation is taking over the administrative work of HR teams. There are many tools available that automate tasks such as CV parsing, auto-scheduling, and auto-sourcing. For example, is a tool that can do a deep dive into a particular profile on LinkedIn and come back with potential matches. As a recruiter, you can upload a CV and get the top 20 CVs ranked based on different algorithms the next day. There is so much analytics that has gone into this that recruiters can reduce the time spent on admin activities and focus on more important tasks.

Talking about the upcoming trends in the industry, Ashish Kumar, Head Corporate Affairs (CS, LegalCSR & HR) Dixon Technologies India Limited said that with the arrival of AI in an unprecedented way, organizations must prepare themselves accordingly. Additionally, teams have discussed the need for more engaging and intuitive work. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to think outside the box and develop innovative ways to engage with their teams. This could potentially become one of the key trends to watch out for.

Digital solutions empower HR professionals to become talent consultants or business associates to companies, transcending their conventional role as mere recruiters. By leveraging digital solutions, they can offer superior counsel and assistance to companies, guaranteeing that they possess the appropriate talent pool to realize their objectives, and that HR professionals can adapt to the dynamic demands of the business landscape.

Diversity in recruitment is essential and digital solutions are playing a crucial role in tackling it. They're no longer limited to only interview selection rates and are paying attention to other related metrics as well. HR teams are adapting to this change and rewriting their KPIs to include these diversity metrics. As a result, they'll have to level up their skills and keep a watchful eye on these metrics.

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As asserted by Jason Averbook, the CEO of Jason Averbook Consulting, "Workforce management software is indispensable in managing a contemporary workforce." He continues, "This software enables HR teams to manage their workforce in real-time, a crucial element in the rapid-paced business milieu of today." Digital HR solutions, besides encompassing workforce management software, embrace employee self-service portals. These portals empower employees to access their HR information, such as pay stubs, benefits, and time off requests, from any location, at any time. This not only preserves time but also imparts a sense of accountability to employees for their HR needs.

ChatGPT is another digital solution that is transforming HR tasks. It can take away a lot of work from many functions, especially in recruiting. For example, 60 to 70 per cent of the job descriptions can be generated by ChatGPT. HR professionals can just ask what skills are required for a data engineer and ChatGPT can provide a precise answer. Such trends and technologies are changing the way HR professionals work, simplifying their jobs, and enabling them to serve organizations better.

A frequently asked question in the digital transformation era is whether HR professionals should be concerned about the threat of automation replacing their jobs. However, they need not worry as they can capitalize on these technologies to serve the organization more efficiently. These innovations are streamlining HR tasks, freeing up HR professionals to concentrate on more crucial responsibilities, and aiding businesses in reaching their objectives.

HR experts must adopt digital innovations to remain competitive in the swift-paced realm of modern business. The far-reaching influence of digital transformation is revolutionizing the way enterprises operate. Digital technologies are empowering HR specialists to serve as talent consultants or corporate partners, not just as recruiters. They can exploit digital technologies to offer more effective advice and support to enterprises and make sure that businesses have the fitting talent to meet their objectives. Digital solutions are overhauling HR duties, streamlining work, and allowing HR professionals to concentrate on weightier responsibilities.

The future of HR is digital, and HR experts must keep pace with these modifications to stay pertinent and competitive in the labor market.

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