Sectors and job roles opening up for apprenticeship

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  • 15 March, 2021

Degree apprenticeship might not be a word used a lot in India, but it has been gaining momentum for a few years now. Many have questioned the generic education system but we weren’t able to find an answer, until a few years ago when apprenticeships started attaining recognition. Apprentices can be recruited right from college or right after school if their interests align with that of the organization. The young minds will be more flexible in adapting to the training and a sincere commitment for the wellbeing of the organization can be instilled.

The following article will give you a better idea about the perks of degree apprenticeship and the sectors that contain a plethora of opportunity.

The smart investment 

The advantages of apprenticeships are two-part. One from the perspective of the organization and the other from that of an apprentice. In retrospect, the main outcome an organization seeks through the implementation of any program is ROI. Any investment made by a company should be in accordance with its return, and it could be in various forms when it comes to an apprenticeship.

  • An investment in apprentices have guaranteed returns, in improved productivity, better employees, talented hires, reduced staff turnover, better morale among the organization and an increase in diversity (an important factor to outgrow the competition).

  • If one is looking to invest their future in apprenticeship, then they will be able to earn while learning, accumulate recognized qualifications, gain work experience and, use the qualification and experience to rise through the ranks of the organization.

Unfortunately, there have been a couple of misconceptions pertaining to the use of apprentices. The reality is apprentices have the opportunity and the training to perform in almost all the major sectors.

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Let’s take a look at 7 sectors that are encouraging apprenticeships.

  1. Manufacturing

  2. The past decade has seen a shortage of skilled talent in the manufacturing sector. But initiatives like ‘Make in India’ were able to boost India’s manufacturing power by influencing many companies to produce from within the nation itself. The manufacturing sector relies on long-term and efficient growth, hence hiring a skilled workforce helps keep the productivity and quality manufacturing requires. Many companies opt to offer apprenticeship or vocational training to create a talent pipeline throughout their organization. More organizations are investing in apprentices owing to their skill sets and the recent amendment to the apprenticeship act, will help out the organizations to hire apprentices in a cost effective manner.

  3. Automotive

  4. Big companies like Bosch and BMW are offering apprenticeship training in the automotive sector. They aim to impart experience, knowledge, and qualifications to their apprentices. Such organizations offer quality training to create career-ready individuals and then sign them on as employees. The automotive sector requires their apprentices to have an essential theory and practical instruction and adequate learning about automotive systems, their diagnosis, and repair. Within successful completion of the training, these individuals will be able to work efficiently with cutting-edge technology, increasing the productivity of their industry without lags. Talent acquisition leaders need to pick out students with a passion for motor vehicles and provide training or hire apprentices who are pre-trained by trade schools and possess the skills required.

  5. Retail 

  6. There has been a boost of the retail sector by the government by easing FDI norms, leading to an expansion of many retail chains and thus creating vacancies in organizations for skilled labourers that needs to be filled within a short time span. A retail apprenticeship provides training for retail skills, retail knowledge, sales, visual merchandising and retail management. Depending on the type of retail that that requires apprentice, the training will be sufficient for entry level to the managerial level skills. 

  7. Financial Services

  8. In a finance apprenticeship, the apprentices are required to be knowledgeable about topics like accounts payable, commercial, business assurance, supplier risk, and tax among others. To find talented employment in the finance sector is not as easy as some of the others – it requires a longer training period and better qualifications. Finance apprentices have to possess qualifications that are industry-recognized and have considerable ability in finance, commercial and analytical skills. Most training programs offer a fully functional employee within completion. A stable and dignified career can be built in the financial sector for committed and motivated apprentices.

  9. Logistics

  10. The logistics sector needs employees for practical and business-orientated roles. This sector often overlaps with sectors such as retail and manufacturing giving it the chance to expand in relation to the others growing. The 3 major parts are e-commerce, third-party logistics, and warehousing. Skilled individuals are constantly sought after due to the skill deficit prevalent in India. With proper vocational training, apprentices can be job-ready as a truck driver, quality inspection supervisor, warehouse manager, loading supervisor, courier and express staff, delivery executive or in cold chain storage and distribution, packaging, freight handling, and forwarding, etc.

  11. Hospitality

  12. Hospitality is a field that compulsorily requires skilled employees for smooth running. Through apprenticeship, organizations are able to pick and choose from the best candidates. It takes time and experience to truly comprehend the job role which is provided during vocational training. Management has a lot riding on their employees, their tasks as well as that of everyone below them depends on their performance and work ethic. The degree apprenticeship program is well suited for hospitality due to the many requirements of the job, according to industry experts

  13. Healthcare 

  14. The degree apprenticeship program in the healthcare sector is an efficient higher education substitute in order to ensure the adequate qualification of candidates. Vocational training for the healthcare sector, unlike higher education, concentrates only on the necessary skills required to excel in that specific trade. Healthcare apprentices have been a supporting force for major healthcare chains to fill the gaps in skill and number. Some of the high-demand apprentice jobs are dental assistantemergency medical technician/paramedicmedical coder, certified nurse aide, pharmacist assistant, long-term care nurse manager, etc.

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  15. Once seen the preserve of the manufacturing industry, apprenticeship has now gained foothold in various other sectors as detailed above. The faster more organizations come forward to start apprenticeship programs, the better it is for the organization, the industry, and the economy. 

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