NETAP is now TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship

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  • 04 May, 2022

National Employability through Apprenticeship Program (NETAP) has been India's fastest-growing blended apprenticeship training program. NETAP has now announced its new brand identity as “TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship''. NETAP was set up in 2014 as a 100% employer-funded Public-Private Partnership (PPP). The program has always aimed at helping organizations develop a qualified, robust and sustainable workforce and a productive human supply chain.  

Explaining the name change, Sumit Kumar, Chief Business Officer, TeamLease Degree Apprenticeships., said, “India is now ready to embrace the concept of Degree Apprenticeships. Youth today want to rise higher and be well equipped for bigger opportunities. Employers are willing to invest in building skill and talent, hence, the change in the brand name will bring out what we truly stand for.”  


NETAP opened new channels for the employer-people supply chain in creating a talent pipeline, improving productivity, and ensuring a lower attrition rate. Since then, it has successfully enabled learning-while-earning and learning-by-doing with apprenticeship programs in 700+ organizations and giving employment to almost 60,000 apprentices. 

However, employers have often complained about the skill gap – a euphemism for the difference between what the employers/organizations are looking for in their future employees and what the fresh graduates can offer.  

Sumit Kumar further stated, “After thorough research and talks with industry leaders, we can say Degree Apprenticeship programmes, co-designed by universities with inputs from employers could be a promising solution,” 

Under the Degree Apprenticeships programme, students can learn the classroom training from the university and can be trained on the specific skills by the employers during their mandatory on-the-job (OJT) training period. Students will also learn several soft skills and develop their networks while they interact with other colleagues at the workplace. These students after completing their degrees will be better equipped to navigate through the uncertainties of the business environment and will be in high demand from employers.  

Skill-based salary programs will make it easier for employers to create their workforce without having to wait on skilled employees to come into their business. These innovative and non-conventional options are specifically designed to reflect the needs/expectations of employers.  

Thus, the TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship programme combines part-time study at college with valuable work experience gained in the workplace. Employers that participate in this Degree Apprenticeship program can choose from a range of courses that are tailored specifically to their specific goals and needs. 

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