How can India Resolve the Growing Talent Shortage in the Semiconductor Industry?

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  • 12 April, 2024

India has emerged as a powerhouse in the semiconductor sector. By 2028, the Indian semiconductor industry is projected to exceed $80 billion, fuelled by the expanding consumer electronics and automotive sectors, including the surge in electric vehicles (EVs).

Establishing a robust semiconductor manufacturing and design infrastructure will not only enable India address the domestic demand but also bolster its capability to meet global requirements.

Government initiatives such as the PLI and DLI schemes are pivotal in incentivizing semiconductor development, laying a solid foundation for sustained growth.

To meet the growing talent shortage in the semiconductor industry and build a future-ready workforce, GoI has rolled out programs aimed at nurturing talent within the semiconductor industry.

Sumit Kumar, our Chief Strategy Officer, highlighted the initiatives of the Electronic Sector Skill Council of India, which introduced diploma and certification programs tailored to manufacturing needs. He also underscored the effectiveness of competency-based apprenticeship programs in alleviating talent shortages and fostering R&D proficiency.

Sumit emphasized the pivotal role of apprenticeships in bridging the gap between industry requirements and workforce skills while fostering research and development expertise.

For more detailed insights from Sumit, please read the full Entrepreneur India article.

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