How an Apprenticeship Program Benefited a Global Professional Services Company

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  • 08 December, 2022

The client is a top organization in the global professional services sector that makes business transformation real. The company believes in digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations.

The company was already hiring freshers and training them. When the government launched the apprenticeship program, it made sense from a business point of view to start hiring apprentices. Through the program, the company hired for various positions including transaction processing, back-end processing and client interactions.

The existing institutional knowledge and infrastructural support was sufficient to optimize on this partnership. Moreover, it was also the socially right thing to do as it was a more advanced, futuristic outlook that benefited young graduates. Since there was a strong and supportive partnership with the government, there was a natural collaboration with other stakeholders as well.

The company started bringing in freshers from reputed colleges to train and up-skill them to develop employable skills for the industry. The fresher training initially offered was more oriented towards on-the-job training that gave dispersed bite-sized knowledge to freshers. However, in collaboration with the Indian government’s initiative, this program was a combination of virtual sessions with an earmarked curriculum.

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Performance Monitoring Strategies

A three-way process was created between the trainer, manager and apprentice to ensure that the apprentice receives enough support during the apprenticeship program.

The learning & development (L&D) team built the 15-month journey for the program and monitored the apprentices through the process. Performance in the virtual sessions was monitored along with a set curriculum. An internal process assessment was conducted to assess the progress of the apprentice.

The apprenticeships were mostly for entry level jobs - those within the customer care executive field including - collections, transaction processing, customer care, back-end processing, client interactions.

Most of the apprentices were eager to learn and work and upon improving and maintaining internal consistency in communication, their concerns ceased to become pressing issues. Incentives like certificates from the company and the Government upon completion of the apprenticeship program also encouraged freshers to join as apprentices.

Apprentice Lifecycle Management System

TeamLease also offered additional services such as the digital workforce solution (DWS) that provides insightful reports and dashboards on employee productivity. The DWS system provides an overview of entire employee lifecycle including Attendance, Time & Leaves, E-Onboarding & Documents, Exit Management, and Learning management. The system also comes with a multilingual chatbot, biometric integration and FAQs for query resolution and provides an update on salary, reimbursement and OPP payments, tax declaration, etc.

The performance management solution has a multitude of features to boost employee engagement and satisfaction, build a culture of continuous feedback and appraisal apart from traditional goal setting and tracking.

Key Benefits of the Apprentice Management System

  • Improve internal processes with higher precision and more effective operating standards
  • Leads & Order Management
  • Facial Recognition & Geo Tagging
  • Manage and control employee costs, business cycle, productivity, and compliance requirement
  • Improved Operational Efficiency

How did the Apprenticeship Program Benefit the Organization

As result of a focused and committed effort by the management team, the program delivered on its key metrics.

  • Apprentices were able to drive almost the same productivity as regular hires during the training period.
  • Qualitatively, investing in apprentices gave the organization a certain continuity of resources and lesser disruptions in the business side when the apprentices are converted into employees.
  • The program resulted in a high absorption rate. 90% of all apprentices were offered a permanent job in the company.
  • The apprenticeship program has encouraged enhanced investment in fresh talent.

The company recommends industry peers to embrace the apprenticeship program as it effectively bridges the gap between the academic heavy education system and practical industry work required from employees. Through a collective coordination in the industry, apprenticeship programs will open up several opportunities for freshers as well as those within the industry.

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